Happy Birthday, fukkin Fishlips! Look at my dumbass boys <3

Okamura would probably be Monta’s cousin or something. He’d love riding on Okamura’s shoulders cause he’d be the tall one, for once.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FUKKIN MONKEY~! This cute little chibi <3

Happy Birthday, Aomine, my favorite basketball-dumbass! <3

"Fucking Haha Brothers!"

10 years and it’s still my all-time favorite manga about shonen dumbasses

somebody better make a proper anime reboot for these babies

he’s not even my favorite character. but i ended up doing him with a bloody nose before all the other shit i’m supposed to do.

Gonna make a Mobile Native App for my thesis, which will go into production this term. So, have some of my requirement-escaping sketches. I’m gonna finish them. Yes. i miss you all help meeee

Also, Happy Birthday to the Kongo Brothers (Agon is a tool)! Have a Daiki and a Daichi, along with my two favorite crankypants-pointy-eared-aliens! 

that moment where everybody went fuck no no no no no

"Would it hurt you to lean down a bit?"


"So, can you lean down a bit?"




I think this is why I don’t draw the height difference. Because they’re idiots and would find a way to fight about it. and i will never draw hal’s stupid face properly and hey aokaga art soon because ahomineee

bitemejordan. so you wanted retractable one. <3

if it wasn’t already obvious that i check the tags now you know